Using Customer Complaints to Succeed

A mythical legend says that ostriches bury their head whenever they are threatened with a predator. Doing so, they imagine that the danger is gone, as they cannot see it any longer. Can there be anything more foolish and cowardly than this? Well, sadly, yes! The way most businesses receive the customer complaints, is probably more ridiculous than the ostrich’s behavior. And after all, the ostrich tale is just a myth. But the business’ treatment of customer complaints is a reality!

Most businesses look the other way when faced with uncomfortable customers. They tend to avoid the cribbing customers. In case they are not able to find ways to deal with such whining customers, then they look for methods to block them.

But on the contrary, a business should welcome its complaining customers, like we do at Bluechip Callcenter. We know that it is not a good idea to just label these complainants as ‘irate’ and ‘frustrated’ callers as doing so undermines the issues which they are actually raising. Indeed the business company should be grateful to each customer who rings the call center and screams at the top of his lungs. They are spending their time and energy, only to let you know where you lack and where you should improve.

Remember that out of 100 customers, 80% will just silently walk out on your product/ service. Only a handful few, about 10% will bother to call up and actually register their complaint.

Each complaint therefore should be considered as a valuable feedback from the customers. Remember, that the complainant is a representative of the rest of the 80 customers who are also facing similar issues. Therefore the complainants should be firstly thanked because at least they are conveying the problem to you, while others simply walked off.

The business tycoon Bill Gates said “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. Indeed these customers are taking up the onerous task of listing and then conveying all the drawbacks of product/service to the company. Thereby giving the company an opportunity to recognize and fix its problems. The company gets a chance to take correct itself with each complaint. This is like the litmus test for the company. They ought to take remedial steps quickly and give a solution, just the way customer wants. And once the customer’s problem is solved, the company can comfortably sit back and watch the frown converting into a smile. The disgruntled customer is then transformed into a loyal one for life.

This is the reason why we at Bluechip Callcenter never get intimidated by a complaining customer. Our customer service agents know the art of transforming the irate customers into a satisfied and happy lot too well!

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