Convert Monotony at Call Center into Meaningfulness

We humans have an inherent urge to grow in life. This is the reason why we have a tendency to seek work environments which are conducive to our personal and professional growth. And the reason why call center work environment is popularly considered as dull is because many people perceive the job of an agent as monotonous. There is only the same thing to do every day, pick up the phone and speak to the customers.

While this may be true for a lot of call centers, a company can always choose to be different from the rest. The leading offshore call centers of the world ensure that there is never a dull day in the life of an agent. They factor in the time for recreation and training sessions also, besides the regular work, so that the call center agents feel that they can learn and grow on the job.

Here are some of the best practices followed by the best offshore and multi-national call centers:

1.  Offer an Integrated Executive Education Program
Most of the people who come into a call center as agents do not possess many high qualifications or degrees. They are typically college drop-outs or straight out of their high-school. Many of them would be still interested in pursuing their education, but would be compelled to leave it behind because of the need to earn. Your company can collaborate with an education providing institution for executive education programs. These education programs will allow an employee to continue education and work simultaneously. The call center can also provide scholarship to a few meritorious employees. An education could be the best gift that you could offer to your highest performing employees. This gift would be valued more than mere cash awards.

2.  Have Training Trips Apart From Training Sessions
Training sessions are rather held very frequently at a call center, especially for serious topics related to the product or service of the client. However, the training sessions for developing soft skills like empathy, service attitude, team spirit etc. can be more fun. So the company can choose to shift the venue of these sessions from a training room, to an outdoor location. This little excursion of all the employees together will give an opportunity to the employees to not just learn, but also explore new places.

3.  Corporate Social Responsibility Missions
Apart from the responsibility towards the client, each company has some responsibility towards the larger society they exist in. This is why they are expected to dedicate certain actions for the society as well, like planting a few trees, donating clothes to the needy, educating the under privileged etc. Involving the employees to do such activities subtly enhances their level of compassion as well as gratification and job satisfaction.

These three things will certainly transform the work environment of your office. Instead of feeling bogged down by monotony of work, the agents will lead a meaningful existence.

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