Success Through Right Communication

Apart from the basic functions like breathing, eating, sleeping, the one thing that we humans cannot survive without is communication.
All of us need someone to share our happiness and sorrows with. Somebody who will just listen to us, and then meaningfully respond! Our idea of love and care is to have a person to talk to. And conversely loneliness is when we don’t have anybody who understands what we are saying.
Communication is the foundation of all our relationships. Our communication abilities determine the depth of our relationships and consequently our levels of happiness and satisfaction in life.

A person who realizes the importance of communication is always happy. And a business which realizes the value of communication is always successful!
Various points of contact

All the opportunities when the customers will come in contact with the business, whether for a transaction or any information exchange is called as a contact point.
Many such opportunities are present, when the business may engage with the customer, like:

1. During Order Taking
When a customer calls the toll-free number advertised by the company, it rings straight into an inbound call center. This usually is the first real interaction between the customer and the business representative. The agent who answers the phone of the customer must be polite, welcoming and also convincing enough so that people genuinely get interested in the product or service, and buy. If the agent responsible for order-taking is not able to impress the customers and clarify all their doubts, then the customers will good one, then

2. During Customer Service
A good company will always have contact point even after the customer has purchased the product. Typically, it will be through a helpline where the customers may call up if they are facing any problems. The agent who answers the calls of the customers should be able to handle all their problems. They should have the ability to troubleshoot and deal with all the problems calmly. If the customers’ issue is resolved, and they are satisfied, then you can be assured that they will return to purchase again from your business.

3. During Telemarketing Campaigns
Unlike the above two which are inbound, telemarketing is outbound. Therefore it is very important for the agent to impress the customer with polite and persuasive communication. The customers should not feel that the call is an intrusion into their privacy. The agent should seek due permission from the customer before offering the product description.

A company which is able to improve its communication across all these three contact points will be able to develop longstanding and stronger customer relationships. Many reputed Call Centers like Bluechip Callcenter have carved a niche for themselves solely by emphasizing on their communication. After all, the world survives on communication, and so does business!

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